Technology is the Rising Star at Milan Furniture Fair 2019

The most innovative Interior Designers, Architects and Developers have made it a point to include technology that is both functional and gorgeous in their projects for a few years now.

Finally, it looks like the rest of the design world may be catching up to them. One of the biggest markers we’ve seen recently is this year’s Salone Del Mobile-the Milan Furniture Fair. Salone Del Mobile is the world’s biggest Design Show, shaping the industry for nearly 60 years.

This year, technology giants such as google, LG, and Sony showed up to show off the ways they’re reframing themselves as design-led companies.

Intelligent Design has always been a design-forward company, doing our best to bring the most advanced technologies to you, without ruining your design aesthetic.  New products on the market are even helping us find ways to enhance your design with spectacular technology.

We offer a massive choice of design forward technology that will enhance any project, and any style.  Give us a call to discuss the possibilities! 305-652-1138.

Credit to Fast Company Magazine for some content. Read more here.

  • Automated Art TV Cover-Split Panel

    Automated Art TV Cover-Split Panel

  • Automated Art TV Cover-Single Panel

    Automated Art TV Cover-Single Panel

  • Motorized Articulating in-wall TV Mount

    Motorized Articulating in-wall TV Mounts keep your design as the star

  • Outdoor Out of Floor TV Lift

    Out of Floor TV Lift

  • Under Bed TV Lift
    Under Bed TV Lift

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