Sony’s Wearable Speaker Now Available in the US

Sony’s Wearable Speaker Now Available in the US

Wildly popular overseas, the Ws1, Sony’s wearable speaker is now available in the US, just in time for the holidays. By simply placing the wireless speaker on your shoulders, you surround yourself in sound, and enjoy a new way of experiencing films, concerts, and games as if you were actually there.

Not only does the sound from the speakers surround you, providing a real-life experience that transports you into the world of films and games, the reverberations create vibrations in the air which reproduce a sound field similar to what you would experience at a live music venue.

Because the WS1 rests on your shoulders, you can still hear your surroundings, allowing you to join in conversations with family and friends while using it. Large, intuitive buttons allow you to easily control the speaker while wearing it.

Finally, a good compromise for you and your neighbors: Sony’s  wearable speaker, the WS1.

Intelligent Design is proud to be an authorized Sony Dealer. Order yours now, in time for the holidays: 305-652-1138 or CLICK HERE

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