Performance Spotlight: Trufig

Have you heard of Trufig? If your answer is no, we’re not very surprised. Unfortunately, Trufig is one of the design world’s best kept secrets. We think everyone should know about Trufig, one of the most innovative and style-changing products available.

Trufig solves an ugly problem that’s been around for a long time: You spend countless hours perfecting your home design, choosing fabrics, tile, paint, and specialty wall finishes. Then, you have no choice, ugly outlets, thermostats, and switches everywhere.

Certainly not terrible. Could be much worse, right? Well, we know it can be much better. You can keep the convenience of your smart keypads, outlets, and thermostats, without taking away from the beauty of your home. Take a look at what Trufig has to offer:

Trufig in Stone

Besides offering so many solutions for power, Trufig has plenty more up their sleeve. Give us a call to schedule a visit to our Intelligent Design Center, where you can see Trufig in action. 305-652-1138

Trufig in Stone

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