News: Beloved brands Paradigm, Anthem and MartinLogan Sold

News: Beloved brands Paradigm, Anthem and MartinLogan Sold

Big news in the audio world over the weekend! Three highly regarded audio brands were sold-but that’s not all. The purchaser, Scott Bagby is actually the original founder of Paradigm Electronics.

Scott Bagby is joined in his purchase by John Bagby, who will act as managing director. Scott will act as CEO.

Per Scott Bagby, “This is an exciting time in the industry and we look forward to the opportunity to move into the future with all three brands. We will continue to maintain and adhere to the core values of each brand as we strive for continuous innovation to deliver products with superior performance and value. We will operate with integrity and respect, building on the great relationships and strong friendships created over the years. This is our commitment to the industry.”

Congratulations to Scott and John Bagby, we look forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

Intelligent Design is a proud Authorized Dealer of Paradigm, MartinLogan, and Anthem.

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