Lyngdorf Audio LS-1000 Speakers

Lyngdorf Audio LS-1000 Speakers

Make the most of your home cinema with Lyngdorf Audio LS-1000 Speakers.  The LS-1000 line source speakers have unique features and functions to maximize your home theater experience:

Lyngdorf Audio LS-1000 Home Theater

Dedicated LS models for left, right and center placement

Three different LS-1000 models have been designed for the best sound dispersion into the room. The Left beams sound slightly inwards when placed on the left side, away from the sidewall and towards the listening area. The Right beams sound slightly inwards when placed on the right side. The LS-1000 Center has the tweeters mounted centered, leading to a wider sound dispersion equal to the left and right.

Lyngdorf Audio LS-1000 Speaker coverage

Reduced floor and ceiling reflections and uniform sound energy across the room

The LS-1000 consists of multiple identical drivers in a vertical line source array. Compared to conventional point-source speakers, a line source minimizes the effect of floor and ceiling reflections by restricting the vertical sound dispersion. Listeners will hear more of the speaker and less of the room. The LS-1000 also retains its sound energy across the room, the perceived volume level is very uniform on every seat. The “sweet spot” opens-up in all directions significantly.

Very rigid and shallow modular construction, easy to install

The LS-1000 is a very rigid modular construction which minimizes mechanical resonance. The overall cabinet design is slim and very shallow, which makes it very easy to install behind acoustically transparent screens. The stacked modules connect through integrated contact pins, so that no external speaker cables are required between the modules.

Lyngdorf Audio Ls-1000 construction

Easy to combine with amplifiers

With an IEC power handling of 300 watt, sensitivity of 98 dB 2.83 V/1m, and a combined impedance of 4 ohms when using four modules, the LS-1000 is easy to combine with amplifiers. The high sensitivity combined with a line source’s typically uniform sound energy across the room allows the LS-1000 to achieve very high volume levels while sounding very effortless with the given amplifier power. The frequency range of 20,000Hz down to 100Hz allows different woofers or subwoofers to complement the LS-1000 seamlessly, ideally with the Lyngdorf BW-20.


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