Furniture Solutions

Furniture Solutions

Did you know Intelligent Design has furniture solutions to fit almost any situation, and any taste? We carry several lines of furniture, made specifically for your Audio/Video needs.

Chameleon AV Furniture

Unlike a regular wall unit or cabinet, these pieces are designed to enhance your equipment. They are made with optimal ventilation, are deep enough to hold your components, and allow for easy access. Many pieces have superior storage options as well.

Keep design in mind, as several pieces even allow you to hide your high-performance speakers.

There’s no need to compromise, we have so many pieces to chose from, finding the perfect one for you will be simple. We can find the right style and fit, even in challenging spaces.

We also offer several accessory and lifestyle options, that will enhance your A/V furniture.

Contact us today, we’ll find the perfect solution for you. 305-652-1138, or click here.