Dali Epicon Speaker Series

Dali Epicon Speaker Series

The DALI EPICON Speaker Series is built on knowledge that stems from more than 30 years of research, development, and manufacturing of speakers. DALI has achieved incredible results from experimenting with both new and known technology. The EPICON series shows just how far DALI has come in their search for natural sound reproduction. With a visual appearance that signals exclusivity and simplicity, these speakers are for the most demanding of music and movie enthusiasts. The performance is clearly DALI, taken one step further, intended not only to meet these demands- but surpass them.

DALI EPICON Speaker Series 6


The rigid cabinet construction is important to optimize the working environment for both woofers and tweeter. The organically shaped design increases overall rigidity and severely reduces cabinet resonances. Standing waves are practically eliminated, as there are no parallel surfaces reflecting sound waves. The EPICON cabinet consists of real wood veneer which is lacquered of a total of 10 times. Each layer is hand polished to ensure a deep, high gloss and elegant surface. 10 times of lacquer also ensures a sturdy finish with a thickness of almost 2 mm.


DALI developed their patented Soft Magnetic Compound (SMC) material to challenge the highest market standards in an attempt to reduce distortion – and succeded. SMC offers exactly the right physical properties: Very high magnetic conductivity and very low electrical conductivity. This results in a dramatic reduction in distortion caused by mechanical loss in the magnet system. The resulting reduction of distortion is both very clearly measurable and indeed audible.

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