Control4 Chime Video Doorbell

Control4 Chime Video Doorbell

Your Smart Home Deserves A Smarter Doorbell

The Control4 Chime Video Doorbell is designed and built for the Control4 Smart Home. It delivers everything you’d expect from a video doorbell plus leverages the power of Control4 to provide greater security and keep you connected and in control like never before.

Control4 Chime Doorbell Ring

Answer From Anywhere, Control From Everywhere

Chime is a convenient way to keep your home safe and secure.

Running late? Answer a guest’s ring and disarm the alarm, turn on lights, or open the garage for them to enter.

Package being delivered? Unlock the door for it to be placed safely inside, and then lock the door behind them as they leave—all from the same app.

No other video doorbell offers this level of integration with Control4. See you later, porch pirates!

Stay In The Know With Notifications

With motion detection, be instantly notified that a package has been delivered, even if the bell is not pressed.

Video snapshots can be delivered directly to your mobile device or Control4 Touchscreen when someone rings Chime, whether you’re inside or on the go.

Miss a notification? No problem. Access a history of seven days of snapshots and video recordings.

Control4 Chime Doorbell Interface

Connected And Customized

Chime includes five adjustable motion zones that allow motion parameters to be set. No more annoying notifications for every car that drives by.

With customized zones, we can enable a camera snapshot to be sent every time someone steps into a certain zone, trigger a recording anytime there is movement in a different zone, and turn on all outside lights when there’s movement detected on the porch.

Furthermore, your Control4 Smart Home works with Chime for advanced automation, such as triggering lights to turn on when a person is detected after a certain time of night.

Control4 Chime Doorbell Mobile Notification

The Perfect Blend Of Engineering And Elegance

First impressions are important, even at the front door. Chime is available in beautiful black and nickel finishes for a luxurious appearance, and crisp, natural two-way audio and high-definition video quality provide user-friendly communication.

Chime also features a night mode, enabling a clear picture in low-light settings, and a sprawling 180-degree field view that allows you to monitor more than just the porch.

Control4 Chime Doorbell Colors

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