About Us

Intelligent Design

Intelligent Design is a full service Custom Electronics company located in Miami, Florida.


We bring together the best in entertainment, comfort, convenience, and security technologies found in Intelligent Homes, and make them simple for you to use. We design each system from the ground up based on your individual needs and desires, as well as the dynamics of your project. Whether your needs are modest or highly sophisticated, we will create a custom Intelligent System just for you. Once contracted, we will work hand-in- hand with you and all related trades to ensure seamless integration into your home, yacht, or office.


We specialize



Intelligent Homes customized for intelligent people. We provide unlimited options for comfort, convenience, and entertainment, delivered by a professional and experienced staff.



We’ll show you how to increase your bottom line by putting controls in place that let you concentrate on what’s really important: your business. .



Intelligent Design will bring the entertainment and convenience you love at home, onto the water. Let us introduce you to the latest in onboard technology.

Be Intelligent

We’ll help you make the decision process easy:

      What do you want your system to do?
      Where do you want your equipment?
      Is entertainment the main goal, or is security also a concern?
      What is your budget for the project?

We go over these questions and more, before you ever sign a contract, and before you ever pay a deposit.