Performance Spotlight: Sound Masking- Mind Your Business

We really love this little-known technology. Sometimes, privacy is not only preferred, but required. When sensitive conversations are your business, you can’t afford to lose the trust of your clients. In the past, soundproofing a room came at a pretty heavy expense, and required a lot of messy construction. Now, IntelligentDesign can bring you revolutionary, affordable, technology, that guarantees discretion. SECRETS IN THE CEILING IntelligentDesign will  install a discreet system in your ceiling that will change the way you think about security. Whether you have acoustical tiles, drywall, or almost any other material, sound masking will allow your clients to maintain the confidentiality you have assured them you bring to the table. Instead of trying to keep all sound in the room, an expensive and hit-or-miss option, you can instead choose to mask the sound, making conversations indecipherable to any outside listener, or passer-by. Sound masking will create an umbrella around your conference rooms, executive offices, war rooms, exam rooms, or anywhere you need privacy. In a competitive market, clients notice when you go the extra mile. Wouldn’t you rather your physician, attorney, insurer, therapist, or financial professional take advantage of the latest technology to ensure your privacy? You’re worth it, and so are your clients. Of course, we are happy to assist you in bringing this fascinating technology into your home as well. Give us a call today: 305-652-1138, or click here to learn more.

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May 24, 2013/Reply

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